Blue Tree Thrush

Blue Rock Thrush, Stow, January 2016

Blue Rock Thrush, Stow, January 2017

Stow-on-the-Wold on a freezing January day is not the first place one might associate with Blue Rock Thrush (which I normally see on warm rocky slopes). Nor is a suburban back garden typical habitat, even allowing for the known use of olive groves by wintering birds. Yet these are precisely the circumstances in which I saw the much-discussed Stow (Gloucs) bird yesterday.

During the period of observation (a good hour) it spent most of its time sitting quite still in small trees. Occasionally it dropped out of sight into the garden, possibly to feed. Compared with local resident birds around the garden it was noticeably less active.

Whist on the subject of Blue Rock Thrush records, here’s a reminder of the 1996 bird (from BW 9: 298). For individual observers, decisions about whether or not to list birds of questionable origin are of relatively minor importance. For county and national committees, however, a cautious approach is desirable.

Blue Rock Thrush, Greece

Blue Rock Thrush, Greece

BRT, Herts, August 1996

Blue Rock Thrush, Herts, August 1996


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