Listen up

Adder, Rutland – I’ve never noticed the blue iridescence on the head before

Since the BTO conference on sound recording, I tried out my nocmig equipment during the night of 28-29 March. Whatever anyone tells you to the contrary, it is now possible to achieve satisfactory results with inexpensive equipment – mine’s an AudioMoth recorder combined with free Audacity software. The same is true for diurnal recording, which will be the subject of a future post.

Don’t expect miracles, however. The only bird I recorded during the session above was a Tawny Owl (though there were plenty of man-made noises). Regular recording in, say, Charnwood, Belvoir and Rutland would almost certainly produce some interesting results and occasional surprises.

The warm spell at the end of March produced my first Rutland records of Orange-tip and Holly Blue for that month, and the first wave of Chiffchaffs was followed by Sand Martins and Swallows. Linnets have returned to some of their breeding areas, and – subjectively – there seem to be a few more singing Yellowhammers than last year.

Yellowhammer, Rutland

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