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Meadow Brown and Marbled White, Rutland

Yesterday I visited Bloody Oaks Quarry, which as usual proved a haven for butterflies including double figures of Silver-washed Fritillary. Amongst others, I also saw Brown Argus and Small Heath.

This Black-striped Longhorn Beetle was the second I have seen at this site – the other was in 2015.

Other notable butterflies seen locally over the past week have included White-letter Hairstreak and Holly Blue.

I’m unsure about the local status of Giant Woodwasp – this one in Oakham – can anyone advise? Note its size in relation to the brick!

Black-striped Longhorn, Bloody Oaks

Giant Woodwasp, Oakham

Marbled White 2013-15

Marbled White 2013-15

As this year’s butterfly season is almost over, now seems a good time to review it. In many ways it was an average year: neither early nor late, and unlike the previous two years without any exceptional records.

It was a good year for Holly Blue and Marbled White (see map left), but a poor year for Clouded Yellow (I didn’t see any). We now have a more complete picture of the distribution of all our local butterflies, notably ¬†White-letter Hairstreak (up to 14 tetrads) and Silver-washed Fritillary (up to 8 tetrads, double the number for Dark Green Fritillary).

Although the RBA is nearing completion there are still a few unanswered questions, so I have decided to extend it for one more year. After the 2016 season, the results will be published. Watch this space!


Arresting at any angle - Marbled White, Ketton

Arresting at any angle – Marbled White, Ketton


The heatwave has brought about a butterfly boom. Yesterday at Ketton about 90 Marbled Whites were on the wing.

Another of our summer butterflies which has begun to appear in numbers is the Small Skipper. A late Dingy Skipper was extremely worn and faded.